Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a powerful 2600Pa suction for deep cleaning. Its low-profile design helps to clean under furniture and works on wood, tile and carpet.

  • Silver copper ions
  • LDS mapping navigation and SLAM algorithm
  • 550ml smart water tank
  • 550ml dust box
  • 2600Pa powerful suction
  • Automatic recharge and breakpoint continuous sweep
  • 20mm obstacle-climbing capability
  • 150 minutes battery life

Silver copper ions kill 99% of bacteria

It uses silver copper ion anti-toxic material for effective adsorption for killing indoor micro-viruses, and with the HEPA filter, the exhaust gas is fresh and sterile – the same level of an air purifier.

Creating accurate map to avoid obstacles

It uses upgraded LDS mapping navigation and SLAM algorithm to quickly build more stable, more accurate maps, which is easy to deal with complex environments.

Scientific sweeping and healthy mopping

It is equipped with a 550ml large water tank and 550ml dust box to quickly collect dirt, hair, debris, etc. Combined with Al V-type simulated manual cleaning system, it can work for 150 minutes and clean 250m² area in one go.

More precise water volume adjustment

With three levels of smart water control system that offers more accurate water control, say goodbye to water leakage. The electric control water tank will automatically stop water when the robot vacuum cleaner is recharged.

Al dynamic path algorithm

It uses Al dynamic path algorithm to scan the unclean environment by laser radar and Al intelligent judgment to clean the nearest principle, calculate the optimal path to not run far and not miss any corner, thereby shortening the cleaning time and improving the cleaning efficiency by 30%.

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