Removable Self Adhesive Wall Single Metal Sticky Hooks - 5pcs

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  • No trace hook, tear off the film, and stick
  • Anytime, anywhere, no matter where you want to paste, which is the non-destructive wall (ceramic tile, fridge, glass, metal/wood surface) frosting transparent design
  • No need to punch holes, gently stick to the wall anytime and anywhere

Matters needing attention:

  • Do not apple to the uneven or loosened surface, for example, day wall, wallpaper, leatherette, rough uneven surfaces.
  • Do not use water, oil, or other objects that affect the paste effect, which will affect the next use.
  • Please do not hang valuable fragile products
  • It is recommended to install it 24 hours later, and the effect will be better
Package included: 5 pieces

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