PPD 1502D Repair Power Supply Current Meter 2A Adjustable DC Power Supply Automatic Protection

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  • Output voltage: 0-15V
  • Current : 0-2A
  • There is a 5V USB charging port which is very convenient for charging or activating the battery via a USB cable
  • In addition, there is a built-in 9V Charging line
  • There is a cell phone signal strength meter, convenient for checking whether the device's signal strength is strong or not
  • Built-in LED digital clock and analog clock
  • Power supply: 110v / 220v
  • Designed with 2 analog clocks showing output voltage and load current.
  • LED meter shows the output voltage and DC test meter, accompanied by phone wave test diode.
  • The USB port provides DC 5V/1A fixed power, and the DC 9V port.
  • Auto power-off function when short circuit.
  • The button selects the function to automatically turn back on when the power is turned off or turn off the machine to turn it back on.
  • The switch selects the maximum load current 2A or 500mA.
  • LED display mode selector switch (output voltage, test, or off)
  • Test function DCV 100V
  • Fault alarm by ringing signal, intelligent fault identification system.

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