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Cutting your pet’s nails can be a prickly process and it’s not always easy to know when to stop trimming. Relieve the stress of accidentally cutting the quick or having to take your precious pet to the groomers with the Pawever Pets Electric Nail File.

  • Stop snagging on carpets and other flooring
  • Prevent ingrown nails and possible infection
  • Alleviates grooming costs
  • Detachable diamond bit grinding stone
  • 2 Attachments for small and large pets
  • Cordless design, charges via USB
  • Low noise design for skittish, anxious pets

Make pet pedicures a painless experience with the Pawever Pets Electric Nail File.

Using this versatile nail groomer, you can gently file down your pet’s nails to the ideal length with removable attachments to suit a variety of small, medium and large pets. Round nails off to 45° so they don’t get snagged on carpets or scratch floors, especially handy for dogs that have a tendency to scratch and jump up.

No accidental knicks

This electric nail file files small bits of the nail at a time, rather than all at once like traditional clippers, making it easier to watch your progress so you don’t accidentally cut into the quick, causing serious discomfort and bleeding.

Anxious pooch or kitty?

The soothing sensation and low noise design of this cordless file on your skittish kitty or weary pooches toes can help to ease their anxiety and relieve the stress (and cost) of having to take your furry friend to the groomers.


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