Mercury Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Clear Hard Case

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  1. Featuring a streamlined design that delivers tough protection from drops and shocks, the stylish Slim series case from Ringke gives you something no one else can - confidence knowing your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5g is protected all times whilst still showing off your Z Fold 3 5g
  2. The hardened material provides trusted Mercury protection through its internal shock dissipating core and its slim, smooth outer layer - which allows the case to easily slide into your pocket or bag
  3. The stylish and slim tough outer shell features a scratch-resistant coating so that your case will stay looking fantastic while offering top of the range protection
  4. With a raised bevelled edge, the Slim case keeps your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's screen protected and looking as good as new
  5. The simple and easy installation allows the hard case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G to be attached in no time, giving you quick hassle-free protection whenever you need it. simply clip onto the top half and bottom half of the phone individually and away you go
  6. This Mercury Clear Hard case comes in two pieces and is designed specifically for the Samsung GalaxyZ Fold 3 5G, so you can be assured of a great fit and no impedance to your Samsung GalaxyZ Fold 3's functionality
  7. Matric dot pattern means no ugly surface marks, bubbles, discolouration and rainbow effects - just a pristine clean view of your phone
  8. Non-slip pad design effectively prevents your Galaxy Z Fold 3from coming off

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