Estelle Portable Beauty Fridge 4L (Pink)

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Keep your favourite skincare and cosmetics neatly organised and fresh for longer with this clever beauty fridge that stores everything from face masks and mists to beauty tools at the perfect temperature.

  • Prolongs the life of cosmetics
  • May help calm and de-puff skin
  • Suitable for beauty tools, face masks, serums, mists and more
  • Dual hot and cold temperature options
  • 15 – 18°C Cold temperature range
  • Hot temperature range up to 60°C
  • Removable inner shelf and door shelf storage
  • Semiconductor air cooling
  • Pop-up handle for portability
  • Silent mode operation
  • Spacious 4L capacity

Take your beauty regime to a whole new level with the Estelle Portable Beauty Fridge 4L (Pink) that keeps beauty supplies refrigerated to give them an extra-refreshing feel when applied and may help de-puff skin and tighten pores.

The perfect temperature
With dual temperature options, including 15 to 18°C cold temperature and hot temperature up to 60°C, you can store products in the right conditions that may help extend their shelf life.

Customises to your cosmetics
The removable inner shelf and door shelf for face masks make it easy to customise the inside of the fridge to suit the size of your cosmetics – everything will fit right in its place!

Eye-catching design
The clever, eye-catching fridge design makes it a handy addition to any bathroom as it provides a revolutionary way to keep beauty bits and bobs stored in one place for a cleaner, more organised bathroom.

Easy to move
Move it around with ease thanks to the foldable handle that pops up for effortless, lightweight transport from one location to another then folds back down so that it’s out of the way.

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