Our Story

OmniZee a 100% NZ based and operated company, was founded in the year 2007 based on the simple idea of one mobile store located at the heart of Henderson, right outside Westfield Shopping Mall. It has been with us since 2007 and has ever since been the center point for a vast number of customers. The store has great exposure since it is located right next to the main lights, which sees turning traffic moving to the Henderson train station and Westfield Mall entrants. It is also a spot where the traffic passing through Henderson, stop at the lights.

“Business growth, moving forward”

We had to move on for the growth in our business and staff rate, although it was a hard decision considering the fact that this shop has been lucky and brought a lot of business to us. We teamed up with a group of technical specialists in various new divisions of repairs in Mobile Phones, Unlocking, Gaming Consoles, and tablets & computers. Further, the year 2010 saw our mobile store business in the shopping malls in various locations of Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga. Now OmniZee has more than ten years of tremendous experience in the mobile market. With the confidence and company potential growth, it has diversified into Repair, Telecommunication, E-Security, and Stores developments to look forward to working with new challenges in the Information Technology and telecommunications industry.

“We have a strong belief in our brands, products quality, partners, and services.”

Our employees are the backbone of the company and their skills, motivation, passion, and knowledge are the keys to our achievements and growth in the industry. Our professional team and passionate employees have a thorough understanding of their everyday work and contribute to accomplishing the company’s long-term goal. In our established business, we always work towards the customer perspective, current market trends, and business strategy to meet the new challenges and opportunities. We are continually thriving in technology by introducing new divisions into the OmniZee business and working towards success in the competitive market.

We always go that extra mile for our customers with our excellent service and support.

At OmniZee, we offer our customers products with quality assurance and competitive prices. All the branded products are carefully selected for their quality craftsmanship and unique design features.