Wireless Endoscope Visual Smart Ear Cleaner Pro

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Enjoy the comfort of clean ears wherever you go with an intelligent device that includes a camera endoscope, 11 accessories, a four axis gyroscope sensor and more features for a satisfying clean.

  • Smart ear cleaner
  • 5MP Endoscope
  • 4-Axis gyroscope sensor
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Compatible with the BeBird app for iOs and Android
  • Automatic UV sterilization
  • 6 LED lights for clear vision
  • Temperature control system for ear canal protection
  • Anti-fog and anti-dust technology
  • Rechargeable via USB Type-C cable
  • Includes 11 accessories: 4 x elastic ear spoons, 2 x annular ear spoons and 5 x cotton swabs
  • Accessories storage tube for travel

Remove wax easily and hygienically from your ears with the Wireless Endoscope Visual Smart Ear Cleaner Pro that uses automatic UV disinfection to remove harmful germs and features an endoscope that can be used for ear, nose and skin inspection.

See inside your ears

This intelligent device features an anti-fog, anti-dust endoscope camera with LED lights that help you see clearly inside your ears. Simply download the BeBird app, connect the device via Wi-Fi and see the live stream video on your phone or tablet.

Thorough and hygienic

Choose from 11 accessories that include elastic ear spoons and annular ear spoons made from industrial-grade silicone, a hygienic material that prevents bacterial growth, to get the ideal clean, then place it in its storage tube for a UV sterilization.

Temperature control

This smart ear cleaner has intelligent temperature control to help protect your ear canal. The endoscope has a non-inductive temperature of 25°C with a palm temperature of 32°C.

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